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December 07, 2009


Gabriel Blanc-Laine

Thanks for the comment and the info. I should admit I don't know TAS and have been living and breathing Strategic Selling for years; it has become a second nature for me as to how I work on and qualify an opportunity. The fact that TAS easily gets integrated to CRM system is definitely very interesting.

Actually there are a lot of good models, and I never value any map (method) more than the territory (the sale it-self, usually far more complex). The map is a convenient way to simplify the complex reality, find out your way and make it happen.

Thanks again, I will check it out. Never too late!


I think the TAS (Target Account Selling) Political Alignment Mapping tool is far superior to the Miller Heiman one and integrates effortlessly to various CRM systems like SFDC, MS CRM, Oracle on Demand.... You can pick up contacts in realtime with a press of a button.

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